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Ezion Fair Community Development Corporation

In many ways, The Ezion Fair Community Development Corporation (EFCDC) was created in 2008 to assist, aid and support the residents of Wilmington DE. Our mission is to shed light and offer a common solution on the many issues that are plaguing this community.  Homelessness, drugs, poverty, lack of educational resources, and community apathy are but a few systematic issues. Our organization is here to design and formulate resources that will address these inner city ills.  We believe that homelessness, drug addition, poverty, lack of education, and community apathy is a reality; therefore we are extending this demand on a systemic and communal response.

As we look beyond to the future, we know that we must strive to meet the real and changing needs of our community, especially as social-political forces shift.  We must also provide real and sincere advocates on behalf of the true faces that can be found in our community.

EFBC Wholeness Center

The Ezion Fair Baptist Church Wholeness Center construction progress was completed in 2019 and, at the time, included five (5) classrooms, a lobby, three (3) wings and two (2) locker rooms. The facility officially opened in July of 2019. It wasn't until January of 2021 that the gymnasium, the weight room and the dance room completed this 28,000 sq. ft. community center. 

These efforts would not be possible without the planning and construction professional services of:

  • Architectural Alliance

  • Apex Engineering

  • Landmark/JCM Environmental

  • Emory Hill Construction

Wholeness Center Original Floor Plan.png
General Facility Usage

A partnership has been forged with both the City of Wilmington & New Castle County Recreation Departments to house evening and weekend activities within this facility.  In addition to a plethora of services, it is our estimation that over 1,000 additional children a week will be given services through “Free Play & Organized Structured” events and activities.  

Overall, this facility serves as a catalyst for both, young & elderly positive & healthy community living.  Crime deduction, literacy enhancement, drug & alcohol reduction and community cohesiveness are but a few benefits from having such a facility in the heart of the Southbridge Community.  Literally, thousands are healed, touched and supported.


The Ezion Fair Community Development Corporation mission is to provide quality community developmental services with a holistic approach.   By this, we are driven to support the total community through three (3) objectives:



Providing: seminars, computer training, literacy programs, and educational center, etc.


 Family & Community Empowerment:

Providing counseling and preparation programs that will empower them to become independent productive community leaders.


Reclamation of the Youth:

Providing: day/evening activities and programs to enhance/foster moral and community strength.

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