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Our Wholeness Center doubles as a daycare and a recreation center that serves as a safe space for the Wilmington community. This center has three wings and a gymnasium that have been named after our largest supporters.

As a church in the heart of the city, we make sure to keep the city in our hearts. Ezion Fair has been so blessed to have the means to create such facilities and it is our pleasure to be able to open our doors to the general community. 


Our Mission

Jack Markell's
Education Wing

The education wing consists of four classrooms, all equipped with Jack and Jill bathrooms to ensure that our daycare students do not have to leave the wing to use the bathroom. This allows us to keep the Education Wing door closed and locked during the day to ensure the safety of the kids. All classrooms have also come equipped with smart boards and projectors. 

Justen Wright's Gymnasium

The gymnasium is a large basketball court that includes two 10 foot rims, a three lane track and an outlining that gives the court the capability of doubling as a volleyball court. The gym is equipped with a score table that gives control of the large scoreboards that can be found at the top of the left and right facing walls as well as a sound system that can be heard loudly through the entire gymnasium.   

Kevin Locke's 
Wellness Wing

The wellness wing includes a weight room with a free weight bench that doubles as a squat rack, a cable machine with an attached pull-up bar, a decline cardio bike, and two treadmills. There is also a 70 inch television that can be watched while using the facility. Connected to the wing is an exit to our fenced in black top area, where daycare kids often have recess. A men's and women's locker room can also be found in the back left of the wing. Each is equipped with a handicap accessible shower. 

Mayor Dennis Williams'
Humanities & Performing Arts Wing

The humanities and performing arts wing gives access to the black top area, the dance room and a class room. The dance room consists of a wall of mirrors, hard wood flooring, barres, a speaker, a smart board and a projector. Right across from the dance room, a class room can be found. This class room is meant to host teens and adults. Equipped in this room is also a smart board and projector.

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